Bipin Behari Bose was born in 1852 in the village of Maheswarpur, Bengal. His parents were Braja Kishore Bose, who hailed from Konnagar (Hooghly district) and Bimala Dasi, of Maheswarpur (in the district of 24 Parganas, Bengal). His family’s lineage could be traced back 26 generations to their earliest recorded ancestor, Sri Dasrati Basu (Bose).

Bipin Behari Bose Family

Early Life:

Bipin lost his father in his childhood. There is not much that is known about his father Braja Kishore, except that he was respected in society as a man of righteousness and integrity. After the death of Braja Kishore, his widow Bimala Dasi and their son finding themselves without a guardian, decided to go to Maheswarpur, the most natural and appropriate thing to do. Young Bipin was brought up in his maternal uncles’ home. The uncles loved him dearly and left no dearth in caring for him. His grandmother loved this child very much and held him close to her heart.

Early Schooling

At the age of five, Bipin began his education at a modest school housed in the chandimandap or shrine belonging to his uncles. One hears that though Bipin Behari was an intelligent child, he was not the most attentive. At the age of eight, Bipin joined Barasat Government High School.

This school was established in 1846 by the efforts of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasar and Peary Charan Sarkar. Bipin had to walk 3 miles to reach his school. When he had completed Class III in Barasat, he fell ill with malaria. It took many years to recuperate and at the age of 14, with his health recovered, Bipin joined the SPG Mission School in Kanpur.


In 1879, Bipin Behari successfully cleared the Entrance examination, being placed in the second division. He joined the Mission School for its newly started course to prepare for the F.A. examination and after two years, he appeared for his First Year in Arts and successfully qualified for his B.A. examination. He would go on to join the Agra College, one of the oldest institutions in India and in 1874, he graduated thereat with honour.

Bipin decided to appear for his M.A. from Muir Central College in Allahabad, and just seven months after his B.A. results, he passed the examination standing first among all the students of the central provinces. He had also completed his honours course in English Literature.


After completing his school, Bipin left his banking job and joined Christ Church College, where he again got a stipend of Rs. 12. He finished his intern exams in 1871. After which, he moved to Agra to pursue his BA examination. This time, too, he got a scholarship of Rs 25. In 1874, at the age of 22, Bipin successfully completed his BA Honors degree.


At the age of 22, Bipin had completed his graduation. His family, like other Hindu families of that age, wished to see Bipin settle down in marriage. He was soon married to Sarat Kumari, the daughter of Mahendra Mazumdar of Kumartuli. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, the famous Bengali educator and social reformer, who was a close family friend, had taken notice of the bright intelligent Sarat when she was young and had persuaded her family to let her study at Bethun College, where she studied until her marriage to Bipin Behari. The Majumdar family was of good repute in Calcutta, and only after long negotiations did they finally allow the marriage to take place. However, Bipin Behari and Sarat Kumari remained happily married, and had three sons and six daughters.

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